Phuthi Rhagophala

Phuti Ragophala changed from traditional classroom teaching to online after realising that we are teaching a digital generation. In as much as she teaches online to various schools that need her service, she has community children who benefit from teaching with technology project where she teaches them on how to augment and improve their studies by using tech tools. Beside that I do reading project to encourage children to love reading hence we are not a reading nation. Beside that we do greening projects using old car tyres. This was inspired by the brutal killings of women and children by their partners. She has therefore thought of re orientating childrens minds on how best tyres can be used to produce food.


Phuti Ragophala is a strategist and an international motivational speaker who has presented at conferences in various events to students and educators.She continuously updates the content of her presentations to bring you the latest, best ideas and new entertainment for your audience 


Phuti Ragophala uses her skills and experience in teaching Life science and Physical science to conduct research and educate learners through practical exercises. She continuously  looks for interactive and fun ways to conduct lessons to learners.

Phuti Ragophala uses the application of technology for the enhancement of teaching, learning and assessment. Learning Technology includes computer-based learning and multimedia materials and the use of networks and communications systems to support learning